2017 Taiwan Culture Festival:: “New Paradise of Silent Island” by MeimageDance (28-29/10/2017)


Taiwan Culture Festival 2017: “New Paradise of Silent Island” by MeimageDance

Presenter: Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre
Co-presenter: HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Date & Time: 28/10/2017 (Sat), 8:00pm
     29/10/2017 (Sun), 3:00pm
Venue: Multi-media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Ticket Price: $200 , $160* (Free Seating)
*Full-time Students/ People with Disabilities & the Minder

Praised as “the master of creating surrealist imagination,” Hsiao-Mei Ho is the highly attention-attracting Taiwanese female choreographer, and her works are imbued with rich imagery and humanistic reflection. Selected and integrated from the various images of Ho’s previous works, New Paradise of Silent Island is a collective creation with the spirit of Taiwanese cosplay. Ho’s dance creates a golden ukiyo-e from the hybridization of the sense of Taiwan and the foreign, presenting a metaphor of modern society where gaudiness and loneliness are juxtaposed with the puppet aesthetics of Barbie dolls. The strong local art style stands out among other contemporary dance works in Taiwan.

Art Director/Choreographer: Ho Hsiao-Mei
Producer: Lang Tsu-Ming
Rehearsal director: Luo Wei-Chun
Dancer: Luo Wei-Chun, Yu Chien-Hung, Liao Hsiao-Ting, Chang Kuo-Wei, Hsu Chen-Wei, Chen Ying-Chih, Lai Yi-Shan, Ho Ting-I
Lighting design: Tsao An-Huei
Costume design: Zeng Tien-Yu
Reproduce costume design: Hsu Yu-Chia
Music design: Chen Yang
Reproduce music design: Cheng Yi-Ping
Technical supervisor: Liu Chia-Ming
Stage manager: Chen Chao-Chun
Property making: Hozen Plan Co., LTD, Shin sheng Opera Troupe
Executive supervisor: Chen Chiao-Hsin
Assistants: Chen Ying-Chih, Liu Yu-Ning

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