Cultural Masseur ‧ Workshops (6/7-13/8/2017)

HKAC_Cultural Masseur

Cultural Masseur ‧ Workshops

Presenter: Hong Kong Arts Centre

Date: 3/2017 – 7/2018
Workshops to be held at HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
Date & Time:
6/7/2017 (Thu),7:00pm—10:00pm
13/2017 (Thu),7:00pm—10:00pm
16/7/2017 (Sun),1:00pm—4:00pm
28/7/2017 (Fri),4:00pm—7:00pm
6/8/2017 (Sun),1:00pm—4:00pm

“Cultural masseurs” connect the dots in the cultural scene, helping to uncover the beauty in our daily lives, as well as respond to daily lives with arts. The project, targeted at young people, adults, and early retirees, brings arts into lives through an array of carefully curated programmes: guided tours, talks, workshops, internship and apprenticeship, as well as the process of art-making. These programmes may enlighten the participants to see the world in an artful way, and they will in turn enlighten others as active audience through sharing of what they know about the arts, and ultimately becoming “cultural masseurs” themselves. Only through connecting arts and everyday living can arts thrive in a city and culture be passed on.

Programme Enquiries
Tel: 2582 0248 (Miss Lee)